Writing for business & Education.

Writing for business in education is also called business communication or professional writing. The aim is to communicate, problem solve, collaborate and do business. Memos, proposals, reports, email are all used to communicate to people within and outside an organisation. Education documentation includes educational web content, curriculum and lesson plans.

Good business & Educational writing

To be a good business and educational writer you need to:

  • be clear about your goals and purpose for the document
  • understand your readers/learners and write for them
  • know who 'owns' the document, make sure they own it and not you
  • write for the particular delivery medium, such as paper, web, mobile device, DVD
  • follow the 4 stages: researching, organising, writing and editing
  • write so that it is clear, concise, consistent, credible and correct

How I can help you

If you are an expert in your field and need someone to write documents or assist you with yours. I can work with you to write and edit emails, convey good and bad news, and plan and write proposals and reports. I also write educational content for the web, curriculum and lesson plans. I can project manage all documentation and educational content to be on time and on budget too.

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