Writing doesn’t always come naturally to us, yet we are expected to write at university and in our careers. I offer a range of services to help you become a writer to pass or do well at university, and write those necessary reports in business.

Academic writing & Editing

Academic and business writing is not easy and takes practice. You need to be able to:

  • Understand the question or what’s required
  • Find information
  • Learn about what you’ve read
  • write about it on topic
  • Reference and acknowledge where you’ve got your ideas and sources of information from
  • Edit what you’ve written

Sometimes we can do this on our own and sometimes we want some help to do it. I can meet with you regularly and be your writing coach to get these writing projects done.

I can also help to teach you how to edit your own work and edit it with you. Editing is more than checking your grammar and spelling. Your writing has to be:

  • On topic
  • Have an argument
  • Referenced correctly
  • Logical and structured properly.


Project Management for Writers

Managing large documentation projects whether they are for a report, web site or technical documentation can be daunting and overwhelming. These writing projects are not like infrastructure, IT or building projects they have their own essential components in line with writing practice and quality outcomes. Project management for writers is the key.

I have teamed up with Sue Woolley from KnowledgeDocs to teach Project Management for Writers. We are powerful presenters and have developed our own methodology and framework from the many years of experience in the technical documentation and education industries.

If you are a new writer and want to learn about how projects work or an experienced writer looking to be a team leader or project manager and want a refresher or professional development – we offer ideas, skills and tips.


Writing for business & Education.

Writing for business is everything from technical documents to business reports. Education writing includes content for educational web pages, curriculum and content.

I know how to write educational and persuasive business communication so that you deliver on message and on time.

If you are an expert in the field and need someone to write documents or assist you, my skills will focus your writing so that you are clear about your purpose, audience, and delivery medium.

I also conduct training workshops, and project manage business/education writing projects.